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The new Notification shade now presents information in a more concise and comprehensive way. It groups all notifications on a by-app basis to reduce clutter. You can even quickly reply to messages without opening the app.

See more, do more. You can now see more information such as images, text, or even the profile photos of your contact. You can even interact with the app without leaving the app you're currently using.

Grouping notifications
Whenever an app sends multiple notifications, MIUI 9 will group them together to save the precious space in the Notification shade. If you want to find a specific notification, a simple tap will unfold the group.

Quick replies
Quick replies let you respond to messages faster and more conveniently than ever by simply tapping "Reply". Works with popular messenger apps such as
WhatsApp and Messenger. You can even interact with the app without leaving the notification shade.

When this feature will be released?
This will be released soon in the upcoming updates.

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