....standard bitrate rates include kbit / s and Mbps, respectively meaning kilometers per second and megabytes per second.

kilometers per second....well, data is made of electric signals, electric signals are nothing but electrons, so in a way it is km/s, except that speed does not change

When it comes to internet speed, high bitrate is always popular - it does not put your hardware under any additional pressure, and it just sends you the content you want instantly.

not really, bcoz most devices have network hardware on overkill level, my PC can do 1Gbps, while my network speed is 100Mbps only, this means i use max 10% of the hardware capability.
So it's the network in most of the cases that is too slow for the hardware = thus 'no pressure'

As for 'high-end SSDs' 500MB/s? i think not, i think WD BLACK SN850 with just 1TB,  read speed is @7000MB/s and write @5300MB/s, price is 165$ only