Hi everyone,

I recently bought a Xiaomi 360° 2k home security camera to monitor our vacation home during our absence.
I can see live footage on my smartphone as well as recorded videos of events like movement.
I installed a 32Gb micro SD card to store the images on the device.
The specs state that event videos also will be stored on Mi Cloud so you can access the footage in case the camera is taken offline or becomes damaged for instance during a burglary.

However when I access Mi Cloud on my laptop at my permanent home I cannot see the device nor any recorded videos.
As everything works fine via the app (which is linked to my Mi account) on my smartphone I don't understand why no device information or footage is available in Mi Cloud.

Obviously the whole point is to be able to access critical movement footage via the cloud when something happens in our vacation home and the camera is being tampered with.

Are there any specific steps to follow in order to activate the cloud storage?

Thanks in advance for your help.