I read somewhere here on Reddit (cannot find the post) that Xiaomi is out of the tablet game, they are not thinking about a Mi Pad 5 or other tablets. Is it still worth getting a Mi Pad 4 (8 inches in my case) now at the beginning of 2020? I am not sure that Xiaomi will not release a newer tablet, but considering that in 2019 they did not, it may be true.
I had a Mediapad M3 (8 inches) and I passed it on the family. I miss  https://speedtest.vet/the times when I was playing on the big screen, but on the other hand carrying another device for gaming only is a bit overkill (I have a Note 8 that I am using for almost anything). Using Note 8 for everything is really,  https://showbox.tools/really taking a toll on the battery. I found a used Mi Pad 4 8 inches for 146 EUR (probably 150 EUR with transportation costs) that is barely used. I am reluctant to buy it because I do not really need it, using Note 8 seems to be good enough. I am just missing the big screen. I do not want Mediapad ever again (because of the Mediatek processor, the lack of audio jack, the higher price, higher diagonal) or any other tablet.
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