Good Morning Mi Community.

It all started September 17, 2021 when the SUV was returned to the house. During our chat with a friend with 2 face mask and face shield. He is showing symptoms of Covid-19. Persistent cough and sneezing. The next day I have learned he is in the hospital with oxygen and dextrose injection. Hayxx .Upon learning this it shows that Covid 19 is Airborne. I will never forget the statement of this Indian looking spoke person. Telling the world. There is no proven proof that Covid 19 is airborne. WHO is only good in naming the Wuhan corona virus to Covid 19 hahhahah. Fuck u WHO.

Going back to my story. September 21 I tried to make a face to face appointment with Doctor. But to no avail. 6 pm dinner time. All the food tastes nothing. 8pm I was able to make a teleconsult ( phone) with my doctor. With doctor's prescription send through SMS including his PRC licence number. I rushed to 24 hours Mercury drug store. With the long queue. Until I reached the counter. Showed him the e-prescription and now with too many stupid questions and explanations. My doctor called him and finally released the medicines. 10pm I waited for taxi immediately. I know covid 19 is eating my body or killing my immune system. Until I was wasted along the road. The taxi driver just past through me.I thought I am going down the road. A stranger approach me. Talk me out to go to hospital. Then somebody spoke from the crowd to go home do the quarantine or isolation. Then the stranger was able to hire a taxi for me.
Stigmatism, fear and discrimination will never solve this pandemic. Only proper and guidance for all.

Hospital has rate of cases and the lack of oxygen will make it worse. Especially in our place.Thank you for the help Good Samaritan.

Upon reaching the house taking my meds I went to Isolation.During this time my body is fighting this covid 19 disease. But you can feel the pain and agony. To the tears in my eyes. Getting fever in such a cold night. Chest pain all night long. Leg pain and can not even hold on to my mobile phone. I stayed in the upper tier of the house. Completely isolated for 2 weeks.
How much more for the horror of patients in the hospital fighting for there life.
Eat well and exercise. Pray everyday whatever your religion. It helps.

Sorry for the vent. I hate this pandemic.

Stay safe and God Bless.I love Mi forever.