Hello! I'm from a small city, Sylhet. It is located in northeastern part of Bangladesh and also known as “The land of Tea”.
Here is an explanation of my design:-
I tried to depict 3 things that defines my city most.
They are:- 1/ Ali Amjad's Clock:- It is the oldest clock tower of Bangladesh located on the bank of Surma River in Sylhet City. It is locally known as "Ghori Ghar".
2/ keane bridge:- This bridge is called the gateway to Sylhet city. This bridge was built in 1936 and is named after Sir Michael Keane who was the English Governor of Assam from 1932 to 1937
3/ Tea:- Sylhet is the largest hub of tea production in Bangladesh and one of the biggest tea suppliers of the subcontinent. This is why it earned the name “The land of tea”