In Redmi Note 10 Pro camera app / VIDEO (main sensor) the camera aparantly tries to keep everything in focus, mainly the center of the picture.Yes i know i can tap on an object and it shows a little square and tries to focus on that. Also i know that i can long-press and it will lock the exposure values.
But how do i get back from this mode to standard auto focus?
If i have pressed once on an object, the little square will remain and does not go away.
What trick do i have to use to put the camera back into normal auto focus mode?

More generally, is there a full featured user's guide for all camera features exactly explained for redmi note 10 pro?
I understand most and use a lot (mainly love long-exposure features and manually tweaking ISO / Shutter/ WB) but there are some features which are not exactly clear.


Roland Schweiger