Hello there,
So I have difficulties setting up the following scenario : I want between 23:31 and 07:00 ( or  from 11:31pm until 7 am ) the next day, if the motion sensor detects movement, the lamp to turn on for 15 seconds and afterwards to turn off. So, only when movement is detected between those hours, the lamp must turn on and afterwards off.
I added in automation the scenario and the problem is that it does not take into consideration the timeframe I want, which I set in Effective time period slot, but instead it takes another timeframe into consideration. I tried also to set up both devices, the motion sensor and the lamp on the same time zone ( from Additional settings>Device time zone ) with no luck. Still it does not take into consideration the timeslot. The sensor detects the movement and the correct time, which I want - I checked in the sensor Log...
What am I doing wrong ?