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Mi Notebook

[Tips] Mi Notebook Pro 15.6" Factory Image and Battery Life Restore Instructions + Change Language!

2021-07-31 00:10:21
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As you might noticed, there are still no instructions all over the web how do restore the factory image of the notebook to get the full battery life back.
The problem is if you install your own Windows ISO via USB, you see that the battery life is halved.
It doesnt matter if the drivers are installed or not. (And i still dont know why de hell this happens )
There is just a chinese instruction for that, but its not longer available :/
So i decided to make my own for you!

In this tutorial i want to show you how to restore the original factory Win10 image of the Mi Notebook Pro and how to upgrade to Windows Pro and change the language

This Tutorial is for the MX150 Version of 2017!
It might not work on newer, older or other versions of the Notebook!
In my case i have the Intel i5-8250U Version, but it should work on the i7 Version too.

What you need:

-Mi Notebook Pro 15.6" with MX150 GPU and i5/i7 processor
-A USB Stick with 16GB storage or more.
-A USB Mouse

Step1: Backup and Battery

Save all your important data from your complete notebook you dont want to lose! (If you have 2 SSDs in your notebook, you just have to backup the main one where windows is installed) ALL DATA FROM THE MAIN SSD WILL BE DELETED!
Also make a backup of your chosen USB stick, if there are important files on it. All data on your USB Stick also will be deleted!

Make sure your notebook battery is charged at least to 80%! If not, charge it!

Step2: Download these 3 files:

Step3: Prepare USB Stick

Warning: All data on your USB Stick will be deleted, so make a backup if there are important files!

Put your USB Stick in your Computer.
Open wepe_64.exe and choose the USB button on the right corner.

Choose your USB Stick, let all the other things like they have been and click on the blue button.

There will be 2 partitions created on your USB Stick: EFI with a size of 297MB, and the main partition.
Wait until the process is finished, then copy the MiBookPro原版.wim on the main partition of your USB Stick.

Step4: Go in Boot-Manager and change the boot device

Warning: ALL data on the main hard disk of your notebook will be deleted, so make a backup of any important files you dont want to lose!!
Make sure your notebook battery is charged at least to 80%!!

Put your USB Stick AND your USB Mouse in your Notebook.
Turn on your notebook, or restart it if its still on.
When it starts, Press F12 a few times to get into the Boot-Manager.
Choose your USB Stick as boot device and click Enter.

Now wait a little bit and do nothing until it booted completely.

Step5: Delete and partitionate the hard disk.

After it booted, open the red-green-blue circle application, as you can see on the photo.

Click on the icon next to the red mark.

Now choose YOUR SYSTEM SSD where you want to install the new factory image.
BE CAREFUL TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT ONE and double check!! All files will be deleted!
-Choose 1 as partition amount
-Uncheck the XXMBR
-Choose the 4096 as size
After you did everything, check again to make sure you choosed the right hard disk drive.
Now click on the button on the ground next to the red mark.

Click on the (Y) button to confirm.

Now wait a few seconds to make sure the process finished.
Close the application.

Step6: Installing the chinese factory image

Open DISM++.
Ignore the first message.

Confirm the second message, if it appears. (Just click on the left button next to the right one)

Now navigate to the (R) button and click on the 5.field. Thats the system recovery option.

Click on the right button and choose the MiBookPro原版.wim file on your USB Stick.


Click on the right button under the previous one.

Choose the hard disk drive where you want to install windows. Its the one with the chinese letters, which you partitionated before!

Check the Control Box with the chinese letters as you can see on the picture, and click on the button down below.

Confirm the process.

It takes a few minutes.

After everything finished, click the button next to the mouse to restart your notebook.

And....voila. Chinese Factory Image is successfully installed.

Step 7: Setup process and keyboad layout change

Go through the setup process and wait until you are on the desktop.
DONT connect with WLAN, account, password or any other stuff. Just fly through the setup process.
You can change anything later, we firstly have to change the keyboard, debloat useless software and doing other stuff. Its still chinese.

When you are on the desktop, go to buttom right, click on the language icon and click on the settings tab.

Now add your language/keyboard layout from the list. In my case is use QUERTZ.

Click on the left button to prioritise your language

Now go again to the keyboard layout icon on the bottom right and choose your language/keyboard layout.

Now you can write your language with the keyboard, and not the chinese letters as before.

Step8: Upgrade to Pro

Go to the Wifi Icon, and setup your Wifi-connection.
After that, go to Settings/Update and safety/activation and enter the following product key:



Now it takes a few minutes. Just wait and do nothing. The notebook restarts automatically.

Maybe it restarts a few times.

Step9: Change language

Go to the language-settings and click on the middle button.

Download your language pack and let the process line finish. It takes a few minutes.
NOTE: If there is no option to download, no icon appearing, just repeat Step7.
That means remove your language from the list and add it again.

Now close the window, go to the start menu and type in ``control´´ to get into the controlpanel.

Go to the language settings tab.

Now go to the left chinese link as you can see on the photo. That are the advanced settings.

Now choose your language and confirm.

After that confirm again and you will be signed out and in again.

You might notice your language is changed half. We have to complete it.

Now go again to the control panel/language settings/advanced settings.
Click on the blue link under your language.

Click on the ``copy settings´´ tab.

Hit the 2 control boxes at the bottom to change your language all over your system.
Confirm, and then restart the system.

Now repeat the process, but change the language/region below the``copy settings´´tab.

Go to normal settings, and check them out to make sure your region and language changed there too.

Now you can go to the optional features in settings and delete the useless chinese language pack.

Step10: Update

Go to
and download the Update-Assistant.

Start the downloaded ``Windows 10 Update-Assistant´´.
Click on Update Now....and wait. It take some time.

Your notebook will restart many times.

Dont wonder, there will be some chinese writings appearing because the chinese language pack is still installed on your system.

After everything finished, you can go to Windows Update in settings and search for updates 3-4 times!
After restarting and installing, search again until there are no more updates available. Install the optional updates too!

Now you can go to the microsoft store, and install all the available updates for the preinstalled system apps. They are really old!

Step11: Install new drivers

Open the Mi Notebook Pro 15.6 Drivers.rar file und unpack it with Winrar or 7Zip.
Go to every folder, and run the setup.exe or autorun.exe, or whatever there is for a executable application.
Just install every single driver, no matter which version it has. They are the newest from xiaomi.

NOTE: There are newer drivers. The Intel Bluetooth and WIFI Driver, but provided directly by Intel.
You can try them, the wifi and bluetooth module inside the notebook fits.
But i DONT recommend to use them. I noticed some strange errors in the eventviewer of windows with the newest drivers.
Maybe its different in your case.

This one should be safe:

Geforce MX150 Driver:

NOTE: If you miss the DOLBY App after installing every driver, just download this file and run it:

Why? Because it looks like the sound driver from xiaomi is should install the dolby app but it doesnt. In the downloaded file is an older bug-free version on dolby, provided by xiaomi.

Attention: Maybe you need to reinstall VisualC++....It could give an error at some applications (In my case with firefox).
Just deinstall all VisualC++ Version in the programlist, then download and reinstall it.

Step12: Some more useful information

-No idea why, but windows is already activated after you did you DONT need a key.

What you can do now:

-Windows 10 is bloaded as f*ck and full of useless rubbish, deinstall everything what you dont need like the xiaomi software etc...Result? Your battery life is higher and your system loads faster, and everything is clean.

You can deinstall the preinstalled software too, blocking ads, delete cortana, Bing News etc.
Yes you can remove Edge completely, as well as Onedrive and all other stuff.

-Stop your PC sending data to microsoft in the background. Microsoft collects mass of private userdata, no matter what you do.

A very nice tool to stop that and debloat you complete system is Windows10Privacy.

Just download and run every time with admin rights if you want to change something.

Absolute recommended!!

BUT...use it with caution. Only for advanced users who know what they do.

-Use tweaks and software to minimize the amount of data which get written on your SSD every day. Your SSD lifetime will be extended and your battery life is higher.

You can find tips anywhere, just google for it. One nice tool is SSDFresh.

-Install MODS for the Mi Notebook Pro (Undervolt CPU, extend the power limit to 40 watt, activate Intel speedshift, patch air fan curve in bios etc)

You can boost the processor to perform like a i7-7700HQ and overclock the MX150.

A very nice replacement for the Intel XTU-Tool is throttlestop. The newer version of the Intel xtu tool isnt compatible with notebooks.
But for your luck i still have the old compatible version...feel free to download

DISABLE WINDOWS DEFENDER while installing the mods.

If your Power Limit doesnt go over 15 Watts, check out how batterylife in percent you have remaining.
It should be over 35%, no matter if it charges or not. If its under 35%, the battery is to weak to put over 15 Watts to the processor.
If your Power Limit doesnt stay on 40 Watts or whatever you have set in Throttlestop for at least 20 seconds, make sure you have your power adapter connected to your notebook. Then it should work...if you set up throttlestop correctly.

On battery, the notebook is throttled by deeper hardwaredepending stuff. If you are under 45%, its not working like it should.

I would NEVER recommend it to use the notebook without throttling, if you are on battery. YOU CAN DAMAGE HARDWARE!

To maximize your batterylife, you can look here:

YOU HAVE TO COPY AND PASTE THE COMPLETE LINK! Dont just click on it....the forum link funktion is buggy!

This is a guide to use throttlestop and some other things to maximize battery life. The device used in this guide is a xiaomi mi notebook pro!

Question or problem? Just write in comments!

2021-07-31 00:10:21
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2021-07-31 01:15:54

Wizard Bunny

Suter | from app


Thanks for the helpful article
2021-07-31 06:56:52
Thanks for the article.
2021-07-31 13:52:04

Wizard Bunny

1860bodo | from Mi 9T Pro


thanks for sharing
2021-07-31 20:16:05
This is awesome. Can i use it for the gtx version with i5 8th gen?
2021-12-30 14:15:38
6165898351 replied at 2021-12-30 09:15:38
This is awesome. Can i use it for the gtx version with i5 8th gen?

The device used in this guide is a xiaomi mi notebook pro
Read the tutorial carefully.
2021-12-30 15:47:25
Invalid floor, the posts have been deleted #7
Hello! Yes, I'm using Mi notebook Pro 15, i5-8250 with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 with Max-Q Design.

After buying it, i tested it with the highest settings in NFS PAYBACK.
The laptop heated up to 90 degrees, which is crazy.
After that, i noticed the battery life was cut in half. It went from 9h to 4.5h :/
So, i was looking forward to try this tutorial. Does anyone know if it will work in my case?
2022-01-16 18:55:36

Rookie Bunny

Sparrix Author | from mobile


Hello! Yes, I'm using Mi notebook Pro 15, i5-8250 with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 with Max-Q Design.

After buying it, i tested it with the highest settings in NFS PAYBACK.

Maybe just the battery settings are changed to high performance.
Or something useless is running in the background which needs some watts CPU Power, check it out at the task manager.
In my case, in idle my Notebook just needs 0,4 watts.
Core temp, a Programm you find everywhere around the web can show you the current needed energy.

You can install throttlestop too, check out the linked tutorial for battery life you can see above. There you can check the C1-C8 states of the CPU in idle.

Otherwise, you can just try it to reinstall everything and use my tutorial, but at you own risk.

Booting in Windows pe and installing the Wim file should be no problem.

But booting in the reinstalled windows..iam not sure. make a Backup of your current system for safety! It should boot, no matter if the drivers are wrong or not. Windows automatically chooses the right preinstalled base-drivers at startup.

You then just have to download the fitting drivers, for your Notebook pro Edition at the official driver page from xiaomi and installing them.

2022-01-16 19:45:22
I bought Mi Notebook Pro 15.6 16gb and 8550u version with mx150 used like couple of years back, it came pre installed with windows 10 and then later i formatted and reinstalled Windows 10 again, but then i forgot to note down my OEM key, is it possible to retrieve it ?

Also i would like to know if you have upgraded to Windows 11, if so how is the performance and battery life?

How would you suggest i go by windows 11 install ? A fresh copy or an upgrade over windows 10? If i need to get the best Battery life ?
2022-03-11 23:21:00
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