Creative Workshop is Looking for the Next Host! Tell Us Your Ideas!

I really enjoyed all the creative workshops!
What kind of tutorials would you like to see on the Mi Community?

1. How to make desk ornament like a grasshopper or bird or something out of paperclips or copper (flexible) wire? Maybe even a Mi Bunny.
2. I like to see a creative workshop from each of the Mi Fan regions. Maybe how do they organize their Mi Fan community get-togethers.
3. Calligraphy ?
4. How to take a really good selfie (asking for a friend) {:2_36:}
5. How to take cool minature model photos, like the ones I see in the Xiaomi photos. How to pose the objects, angle to take the photos, lighting, what emotion or idea can be easily made with just a few basic minature models? Color and so much more.  
6. Oh yes, almost forgot, how make a cool emoji of yourself?
Thank you!