I recently bought a Poco F3 Global variant in Bulgaria, and i'm having problems connecting with one of the operators i have a simcard with here.

I have 2 simcards one for Vivacom and another for Ticom/Max Telecom, the data only Ticom/Max Telecom sim works fine on my old Redmi 8, but with my new Poco F3 i get no signal at all(see screenshot). The Vivacom sim works fine. Here are the troubleshooting steps i have taken:

Updated the firmware to the newest version.
Changed sim slots to slot 1/2.
Moved around to many different places in the city.
Added the APN manually and selecting it.
Reseting the APN.
Changed prefered network to LTE/5G
Changed to a alternative Ticom/Max telecom sim(i have 2), second sim not working either.
Contacted the operator to make sure the problem is not on their end.
Sim works fine on older Redmi 8.
Sim cards from other operators works fine.

Ive made sure mobile data is on and no limits set etc.

Android version: 11 RKQ1.200826.002
Android Security: 2021-04-01
MIUI version: MIUI Global, 12.5.1Stable,
Model: M2012K11AG
Baseband version: MPSS.HI.2.0.c7-00222-0508_2023_bcd1722f6b
Kernel version: 4.19.113-perf-gcbf97e8a8dcd