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This is my entry for the "How does your football icon influence you "
For me Pierre Emerick Aubameyang isn't just a football player, or an arsenal player, or the captain of the Gabonese national team, Auba as I fondly call him represents a whole lot about me, from the deft touches that seem to defy his looks, to the ease at which he scores goals, the fact he is starved of service for a long time but only wants one opportunity to win but mostly the fact that his stature makes him look like an underdog in every match but he manages to find a way to score and win makes him so amazing.

I see myself as an underdog in many things, I am never expected to win, I am looked down on and made fun of by others, I am told in many ways I will always be stuck at this position but I come out many times to always prove I can beat that stereotype and I can make it no matter the challenge.

Aubameyang is a challenge taker, he is also humble and glorious even in defeat, and never wants to have a bad time even when hurting, and always ready to make his teammates happy while giving back to those who have nothing. For me I believe in the happiness of others before myself, I also know it hurts to be looked down on but I take every situation as a chance for me to prove I can do it and I can make it plus I hate seeing inequality and pain, I do try my best to help.

Aubameyang is i and I am Aubameyang, this is my favorite player
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