...And they're not good.
First things first booted up to be instantly greeted with an extremly buggy interface (freezing, having to reboot to more freezing and juddering) Gah! then it updated to MIUI 12.0.13 (which seems to of sorted it) Phew! So go over to settings to see what all the fuss is about with Always On display (i've been jealous of my GF's Mi 9 which has AOD) get there, cool! differing options for spacemen, kaleidescopes enter your own text etc...then goto 'display items' notice a big blue tab 'For 10 seconds after tapping' oh ok i'll just flick that off...Nothing! still remains. So power off to lock screen to get the AOD, for ONLY 10 SECONDS!.
Alarm bells! there is no way of either adding more amount of time, disabling or anything! Now call me old fashioned, but when something is touted as a feature it should at least be implemented correctly! I wouldn't mind (i do) but Xiaomi have removed the notificatition light on the RN10 pro, so now i have no idea about any notifications unless i turn the sodding phone on. (yes i've read about the turn MIUI optimisation off in developer options, guess what, NOT THERE on EU rom)
That wouldn't be so bad as i thought as just like on my trusty Redmi Note 9 pro, i could just awaken it with a simple 'ok google' from the lockscreen...Guess what yet again? you can't! (i have no idea if this is due to updating to Android 11 on RN10 pro or if it's MIUI?) My RN 9 pro was Android 10 and it worked over there fine (MIUI 12.0.2)..WTF is going on? it doesn't even beep when i do access assistant (like on RN 9 pro) just to let me know it's activated! (checked all settings, sod all?)
Another feature i was jealous about on my GF's Mi9 were the super wallpapers, i thought, well it's got an AMOLED screen i'm sure Xiaomi would have them available on their shiny newly released RN 10 pro?...NOPE! Gah!
Ok i thought, it's something that can be sorted via updates (crosses fingers for a non eternal wait) I'll try out the camera.
Now, i'm right handed (as i'm sure the vast majority of you are -sorry lefties) so i type, swipe etc with my right hand whilst holding in my left.Xiaomi in their infinite widom decided to put the camera module on the right hand side (when looking at the front of the phone) just above the fingerprint sensor (you know, where your finger is usually situated for unlocking) the trouble is i (and i'm guessing alot of you do too) use your middle finger to unlock, leaving your index finger on the side for stabilty right? Well that just so happens to be where the camera module is?! So expect constant bloody wiping of the cameras if you want to take pics...Why not put it on the left where there is wasted space? Great job Xiaomi design team! (unless everybody is mainly left handed in China?)
So, yes i'm still using my Redmi Note 9 pro for most of my usual stuff, like asking to set alarms, asking questions etc as the google assitant works when the phone is in standby (screen lock) as it's just so bloody usefull, and it gives me a little beep to let me know it's listening (RN 10 pro just remains silent)
It looks like i'll have to piss around dL'ng APK's in order to get the superwallpapers (i've tried and had no luck so far)
No notification light and the AOD is only there for 10 seconds (so still have to have my RN 9 pro knocking around just to know if somebody has text me, emailed etc)
But the most glaring issue (that can't be fixed with an update) is the placement of the camera module (90% of the globe are right handed Xiaomi!) i guess it's something i'm going to have to get used too (contorting my fingers that is)
And i'd waited so long for this phone (i've always had the Redmi note series all the way back from Note 2) also Xiaomi UK buggered up the launch in the
UK by not having the 8 Gb variant straight off the bat (forcing most early adopters to get the 6 GB instead) and having a slow dispatch time..I ended up canceling the 6GB/64gig which i'd got on launch day (the 128gig disapeared in a nanosecond on the mi store?!- as if!) hopped over to Amazon, bought the 6GB/128 gig and had it delivered the SAME DAY! (and paid only £231.54)
So, yeah...Great job Xiaomi, it was the birthday present i'd always hoped for (that was yesterday) /sarcasm.
Anybody else underwhelmed? And can you let me know of any fixes to the software problems?
All help gratefully accepted fellow Mi'ers.