A couple of days ago I received my Poco F3. After setting it up as my current Poco X3 NFC (not copying data but configuring it manually), updating everything to the latest version (MIUI Global RKHEUXM) I installed Pokemon GO from the Play Store and followed the instructions on Niantic KB to pair the gotcha.
For some reason, everytime the gotcha disconnects (it's a normal behavior) after one hour, when i connect the gotcha again it always shows the notification to pair it. I wouldn't mind this but on my Poco X3 NFC this doesn't happen so I wonder if it is because Pokemon GO is still not optimized to that phone or that MIUI version has this bug.
I did test to uninstall the game, clear data, reset the gotcha, un pair and re pair and none of it worked. I even tried again on the X3 NFC and it works fine. I also tried my headphones but since it's a different kind of device I didn't get the issue.

Anyone has a tip to avoid having that notification from opening every time please?

Thank you so much.

PD: I reported the issue through services and feedback app as well.
Update: Updating to didn't solve the issue