why don't join the Android11

happybuddhist replied at 2021-03-15 08:04:10
I've talked many times, but it's not my decision. Afterall, eventhough I'm a moderator, I'm still a user and I don't work for Xiaomi. It's upto them to make the decision. It's a shame that a great device like this has no software support after a year of release. It's a good thing that they are atleast pushing security patches - should give a little more life. We'll see if it will get MIUI 12.5 or not.

it feels like Xiaomi acts like they care about users by running advertisement by it's fan,

but in deep inside they don't give any attention on what their users have to say,

otherwise we would've receive necessary response in Feedback & Services App

like Samsung users receives their customer care from Samsung Member App,

it's not that Xiaomi's Phone are free

and it's also not that they're not making any money by putting ADs in our phone,

but still they're not providing the service we deserve.