Now I use the poco X3 NFC to my satisfaction.  I previously had the mi a1 with great pleasure but support stopped so I had to buy another phone.  this mi A1 phone is equipped with the bare version of android one.  I have put a custom ROM on many phones and tablets.  the mi A1 is a tricky story.  In any case, all developers come from India with this difficult language and spoken quickly.  so i had to work with what i see on video.  the written recommendations to work with the mi A1 have been translated by Google, so readable but not handy.  there are also many uncertainties in these manuals.  because of this i went from twrp to magisk on first reboot i had brick phone.  the whole operation took me weeks.  it has now been made impossible for ordinary customers to get it in edl mode from the factory i read.  It will now be quite a job to provide it with original firmware again.  In Holland where I live, the brand is now starting to become known and the phone is very well received, but there are not many people who can handle these phones well.  so here is a warning for people who want to put a different ROM on the phone. It's not easy.  There is too little to be found that can be used outside of India.  many people have already gone wrong!