1.Why do you love Xiaomi?
I love Xiaomi because Xiaomi has a cutting edge smartphones at unbeatable prices,Sharing innovations every year.I love Xiaomi because of its unique ecosystem of products.I love Xiaomi products because it's more reliable than the other branded mid range smartphones.I love Xiaomi because of its core and specifications .
2.How can Xiaomi make this Valentine's season extra special for you?
*XIAOMI makes  my Valentine's season extra special because Xiaomi has a good and clear camera that captures every moment we shared together.It has a long life battery and wide storage for our photos that I captured using my xiaomi smartphones.
3.Who are you planning to celebrate Valentine's day with and why?
*I'm planning to celebrate my Valentine's day with my husband  because he is always busy working everyday.I want to celebrate Valentine's day in the park,eating in the restaurant and make extra special moment together.