Hi guys,

I’m Ryan also known as GunplaMad over on the Mi Community UK and I live in Glasgow Scotland.

I have used a M365 and a Segway Ninebot ES4 for commuting between train station, getting to work and to get to skateparks or street spots where I skateboard.

Using electric scooters to get around cities I’m visiting like London is amazing and the best way to see city sights and get to the nearest skatepark I am visiting. Safes my legs for the skate session.

As for my love of F1, I’m a big fan of Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes Team that are clearly been innovators in the motor industry and it makes complete sense the most innovative technology company “Xiaomi” have made this partnership.

You can see my threads on my profile of reviews I have done but here is two to highlight.



And here is my instagram account with some photos.


I have recently just started my own YouTube Channel.


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