bigbenfipeebles replied at 2021-01-08 10:18:40
I meant a general help page as problems occur that people could access easily, I found it difficult with android auto, took 2 days to solve and no one seemed to know a help article/ page would be good, I posted my solution and tried to explain what the problems were to help others.

Problem with these pages is that tech is an ever-moving thing, so in the case of auto, it would need to not only be amended daily (as Google updates their apps a LOT), but as well, have a million sub sections as there are so many phones out there, with varied generations of Android and skins, and all of that interact together. It's a BIT easier to do than paper manuals, but not by much. So in a way, a living community like here is the closest, as you can drop a question, we check it (as closely as we can, as we don't have a cave with ALL the phones in varied configurations, alas), and can dynamically guide users towards a resolution (or at least, point them at the potential pitfalls)