I've recently bought a Mijia 1C vacuum robot and after one month of normal use, it is not docking to base to charge properly. It has the last firmware version installed (3.5.8_1059). It returns perfeclty to the same room where the base is, it makes the right alignment with the base, but then it constantly jump over the base without stoping below the charging pads.

Here is an explanatory video: https://youtu.be/iwZN7NkU8iI
However, if I turn it off the robot and place it manually over the base, it starts to charge. Sometimes, it randomly turns on.

I think I've tried almost all solutions in my hands: cleaning charging contacts, change the charging base power cord, soft/hard reset of the device... And the problem persists. It may be another faulty firmware updates or just a bad unit, but in any case I share with this forum my problem.

Thanks in advance ;)