Hi Mi Fans, I am Xiaomi user from Feb 2020 and Xiaomi Mi 9T is my first device bought from mistore.pk.
I m happy that it is supporting all features that i want in any mobile but one thing i'm missing in this is Night Mode for Front Camera.
Now, Xiaomi has introduced the next generation of "T Series" as Mi 10T or Pro. This device has many out class features except Amoled Pannel and for fulfilment of this gap they provide 144hz refresh rate screen which I consider that it is suitable for gammers.

Now, coming back to the main topic. I 'm not a gammer so 144hz vs 60hz no issue to me. 48 MP vs 64MP no issue and so on. But the thing which matters to me is Amoled screen and Pop Up camera due to notch or puch less screen.

After this short story Should I shift to 10T or should stay and should be Happy with 9T.????

Please share your opininons regarding this thread. All comments will be welcome.

Best Regards