issue is only with last MIUI Version which is V11.0.11.0, Devs are working on it.  AFAIK, users who were on V11.0.10.0 has successfully updated to MIUI 12

It's been 4 days since the problem appeared that version V11.0.11.0 could not get MIUI 12, Xiaomi company seems to be making fun of Redmi Note 8 users, I expect in August not to come out in September October again again was released, in november MIUI 12 was released on Redmi Note 8, the problem is that version V11.0.11.0 does not get MIUI 12, the best-selling Redmi Note 8 in the world that is treated this way, why did you release update V11.0.11. 0 or did you do it so that we do not receive the MIUI 12 update and we users want to know when the problem will be fixed we have V11.0.11.0 to get MIUI 12 because 4 days have passed since the problem happened yet nothing ??