Не могу активировать Redmi note 6 pro.Заблокирован

Текст письма от китайцев ниже

Thank you for contacting Xiaomi Customer Support and sharing the snapshots with us. I am Khushboo and sorry to know that your device is locked due to the Mi Account and forgot the password of it.

I would like to inform you that "To protect our customer's privacy", we do not process with phone unlocking requests from our customer.
I would request you to reset the password of your Mi account by following the below-mentioned steps:

1. Go to our website http://www.account.xiaomi.com
2. Select your language as “English”
3. Go to “forgot password”
4. Enter your registered email or phone number click on “next”
5. Click on “send”
6. Enter the verification code sent to your phone/E-mail
7. Click on “next” and reset the password

If the above-mentioned steps do not work, I would request you to follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Go to https://account.xiaomi.com
2. Click "Forgot Password"
3. Enter your MI ID/Phone Number/Email address in the text box where it asks you to enter your email or phone number and click "Next"
4. Click "Manual Verification"
5. In the Reset Security Question page, click the "Get Started" button (please verify the Mi ID in this page, proceed further only if the Mi Account is matching here. If the Mi ID is not matching, start again from Step 1 with the different phone number/email address)
6. Enter the new phone number which you would like to get associated with your Mi Account. (Upon successful approval, your Old phone number/email address will be de-associated with your Mi Account)
7. After you enter the new phone number, click "Send Verification Code"
8. Enter the received verification code and click "Submit".
9. Enter both the IMEI number of the device and Mi ID on the "Devices" page and click "Next".
10. In the "Account Activity" page, enter the below information:

-Account setup method
-Account setup from
-Frequently use info
-Services you have used
-Previously used password, email address, and phone number

11. On the successful completion of the request, you will receive the Request submitted confirmation message.
12. You will receive a status update SMS of your request to your new phone number.
Once the review is completed and notified to your mobile phone or email address within 3 working days, you can reset the Xiaomi account password through the new security after the appeal is successful.

Please note that if your request is not approved, please resubmit the request with appropriate information. Once the password of your Mi account is retrieved then you need to enter the same on the password column and activate your device.

For better help, I would request you to refer to the link given below:


I hope that the above-provided steps will help you in a better way to resolve the concern.

For any further queries, feel free to contact us.



Xiaomi Customer Support