Hi. I realize that my Redmi Note 7 always use the phone microphone. When I connect my headphones, the sound plays in my headphones, but if I record a Whatsapp audio it uses the phone microphone instead of headphones microphone. And I also tried with a friend's Redmi Airdots S and same thing, earbuds works but can't use the mic, it always use the build-in mic.

It's annoying, cause now I'm using a true wireless earbuds and I can't record a whatsapp audio without the phone in my hands... Kinda the whole point of a wireless earbuds.
I guess it's a software/firmware or MIUI bug, cause it happened with every headset I tried. But maybe it's just a config that I have to setup.

- Re-pair
- Reboot after pair
- Clean all devices from bt list.
Redmi Note 7
ROM: Latest official global ROM
MIUI version: Global 11.0.1
Android Version: 10
Earbuds: Haylou GT1 plus