I've a Samsung Tab A 10.5" nearly 2 yrs now and  I still prefer it over a basic laptop if a mobile phone anyday . It depends on the user. I don't think tablets should be a dead market but I do like that the prices are scaling down because some brands like Samsung have realised you don't buy a tablet to take pictures or write a thesis on. you buy it for streaming movies and TV, watching YouTube at stupid o clock at night , drawing , drawing straight in the screen of a tablet is much easier than using an accessory which connects to your laptop or desktop.
My young daughter is mad into drawing and of course ,yup, anime characters. she just got an Appli iPad Mini 5 with money she had saved up. we will be the the stylus for her birthday. I spent weeks trying to convince her to get a Samsung , one of the higher ranked models , some even come with an S pen. .but she wasnt interested because people rave over the apple drawing apps too much. theres a bit of a market still there for tablets if companies focused on then for a user creativity point of view.
ps what's the Xiaomi tablet