6351750966 replied at 2020-08-29 15:47:25
cellular network not stable in 2g 3g 4g ..after updation Android 10. No mobile network available

I've got the same issue. I'm thinking of buying a new phone - the problem is so bad. I have had Xiaomi phones for 10 years now. I am seriously thinking of buying a Samsung or bigger brand name phone because this issue is so problematic for me - i can't do my work outside as i can't access email. It's absolutely terrible!!! Having normal signal strength is a complete unacceptable basic need - i couldn't care less about other bells and whistle features on the phone.

Wake up Xiaomi and fix this issue or i'm leaving for good! It's false economy to pay for a cheap phone only to have flawed signal strength.

Also, my screen does not switch off when i pick up a call so my ear ends up pressing the screen, opening apps and disconnecting the call. It's happened so many times now.

1 more week and i'm ditching Xiaomi for good