I was stuck with the problem of a corrupt persist partition for a long time. Finally, I had to download the whole Fastboot ROM and extract out the persist.img for solving this problem.
This will require PC if you don't have custom recovery and be sure to enable USB Debugging.
Today I will guide everyone step by step on how to fix this problem. Google if you don't know the meaning of any step.
Complete the following steps carefully - 1) Unlock your bootloader (ignore if already done).2) Install TWRP with disabling Verity
  • Just google it and you can do this easily, trust me.
3) Flash Red Fox Recovery
4) Flashing the Persist.img
  • Download the Persist.img form this link - http://raboninco.com/mBOq
  • Copy this to your internal storage
  • Most important step - Click on the persist.img and then flash it as a persist partition

This will certainly solve your problem.
Have a nice day :)

PS - If the link for persist.img doesn't work, then follow this link -  https://7r6.com/kasai2210