How do we get this update? On my 7A Global version running MIUI 10, under Settings/About phone/System update, the available update is MIUI V11.0.4.0 Stable 825M. However, under 'Downloads' for the 7A Global on this forum, it gives V11.0.7.0.PCMMIXM as available. And now, V11.0.18.0 Stable 403M is mentioned. Confusing. Truthfully, since my 7A is performing great with no issues, I'm very skeptical about doing any system updates!

Tom, I'm not understanding what you mean by 'user have a few minutes for update'. ??

Question: I recently saw a YouTube video explaining the four different Xiaomi ROM versions, and the reviewer said the Global version made in India (which I have) is not updatable. Is that true?