In the beginning absolutely. The bulkier the phone the harder it is to hold and maintain control over. But then 2016 happened and we were introduced to the world's first Full Screen design. And ever since then there's really be only two camps. People with a non-Xiaomi full screen phone and people with a Mi Full Screen Phone. And the reason I say that is because the non-Xiaomi phones don't really have palm rejection so even if they do have a fairly full screen design (also so far only done for a few Chinese brands) they are very easy to mishandle thanks to false presses. Users of Samsung's phones and the iPhone X series have complained about this all the time. Meanwhile with MIUI we do have very good very sensitive palm rejection so you could literally have the thumb portion of your palm pressing on the screen and still use it just fine.

Once palm rejection is handled properly a full screen large size device is just as easy to handle as a smaller device making it much more preferrable over it and its smaller screen.