1. I just came from samsung A30 and I notice that the display of my Redmi Note 7 Pro is a bit dull than that of my previous phone. I have seen the display section with the color adjustment and all, but I don't know how to get it right.

2. My game app after a while gaming will on its own during the heat of the game go off and I will be directed instantly to the homepage? Game Shadow Fight 3

3. I don't have dictionary listed as the options when you highlight a text in your text box. Like while writing, if I highlight a text I should be able to get dictionary options.

I have a Dictionary. Com app, English dictionary app, and Merriam Websters. In my former gadget, this feature wasn't lacking. It even had its default Collins dictionary for quick search of the word's definition. Can this be incorporated or is it already done?

4. My network signals for browsing is crappy on this phone than it was on my Samsung or Infinix hot 6 Pro. Those two browse faster than this and do well in poor signal areas.

It is disheartening, really, because I need to browse fast and download large data for my work.

5. The search button for the phone doesn't appear in all the right places. For example, if I scroll down the tray, you won't find it. If I scroll up from home screen, that doesn't do anything. That search button makes things way easy. I like that it is in the settings. But this was what I was enjoying adequately on A30.

6. Opening the notification tray is easy, closing it isn't. It becomes too long for someone like me with lots of updates.

7. Why is there no separate app screen for the launcher? I don't fancy having only this style of home layout. Is there a way to make this happening without installing third-party apps?

I think that's all for now. I will come back with more as I continue to explore this phone. Thanks!