hello my fast charging working occasionally. i have 2 cables and 2 different charges the one original and the other aftermarket that supports fast charging.  most of the time when i connect the charger in the phone appears " charging" logo and not fast charging. no matter what cable or charger i will use. when phone is " charging" is taking very very long. so testing in amp aplication shows number 300-350 that is very low. trying to charge the phone when is turn off  the charging starts and stops randomly in a second. is like you insert and you remove the  charging cable in a second. no matter what cable or charger i will use the problem persists. but  trying swapping cables or chargers or plug sometime the " fast charging " logo appears and phone charging normally. but then problem can start. when the phone is on and the cable is " charging" the touchscreen is behave strange. if i enter the bootloader and i boot up the  charging disappears and even the battery icon not show that the charger is connected. when i reset the aplication settings  the fast charging seems to work but next time i charge didn't work. i reset the phone  by swiping the cache and restore again and this seems to fix the problem. the fast charging logo appeared and even the fast charging icon appeared phone charged correctly but  but again in my next charging the same problem appears. now i can connect and disconnect the wire sometimes or swiping chargers and after trying i can get a fast charging logo and the phone  charges correctly. for summary if i connect the phone in fast charger is appearing onlybthe logo charging, phone mo seem to charge ir is really slow, when the phone is turn off is charging and discharging in a row in a second. when the fast charging appears on the screen then everything is ok. any help?