Bootloader unlock

1749855046 replied at 2019-10-04 11:06:50
I just did this and it will take 163 hours to unlock. How can I make this time shorter?

It's already a bit over 2 years since i got Mix 2 for my wife, or over 4 years with my 2  note 4.
The driver for windows 10 used to work fine for transferring files to computer, the problem was just the unlock boot loader, but after install, uninstall, install all different drivers as MI recommended, and just an hour ago, i just found out
one of my computer after connected to MIX 2 then just disconnect by itself
"IF it takes longer than 24 hours for requesting an unlock boot loader file, then the info you give to request the file
does not match which the one you register the phone"

I enjoy the design and reasonable cost of MI phones, but i am just tire of dealing with driver issue, bye bye XIAOMI