Do you think that a phone that can work without loading a Sim would be good for you.

In USA cost of phone is $200-1000. Cost of service is $20-$400 per month.

Average rent is $250 for single person.
This is the Social Welfare Co pay amount as well. In fact, many people make big profit off of this called voucher.

Food money dispensed to single no income person is $80.

In real world of USA, there is no way to make it into another walk of life or exist outside of this world. People receive free phones in some areas. This is not equal. Race vouchers with $1000 phones are issued with free unlimited plans. Whereas, the non chosen have nothing.

If GPS service were used with phone, people could save and buy one or buy used or be given one by charity.

Here is a review of two such devices:

Redmi phones have GPS awareness in them, so it could be allowed to function this way.

Miui 12??