Value for money dry and wet vacuum cleaner - Roborock S50

I have tried many ways to find Xiaomi robot vacuum troubleshooting, but found out this is the best possible way to fix Xiaomi Roborock sensor problem. Have browsed many videos online but could not find a solution to Xiaomi laser distance sensor malfunction. I was about to order a new LDS sensor spare part for S50 Roborock online and it was then, I just wanted to give it a last try.

And this worked like a charm without a doubt as you can see in the video here, about the LDS error fix.

I would recommend this solution for getting your Xiaomi Roborock sensor fixed. Just try this solution before you make other choices like Xiaomi LDS replacement, which is expensive.

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Please check this video that I created which is helpful, that shows LDS error fix.

- Excellent cleaning on vitrified tiles
- Good carpet cleaning
- Futuristic mobile app that can control Roborock with ease
- Can use virtual wall where ever required
- Wet mopping is also nice
- Best value for money
- Serves the purpose of vacuum clean and wet mop

- LDS sensor fails all of a sudden with Error 1
- LDS part cost is nearly $100
- Spares cost are a little on the higher side
- Noise levels are little high but bearable