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Redmi Note 7

[Discussion] TOP 7 Battery saving features of Redmi Note 7

2019-08-10 02:21:10
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(This topic is intended for those who are very wary of their Redmi Note 7's battery performance. So PLEASE read this very long topic until the end to understand more about battery saving options available in MIUI.)

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When we are talking about the battery saver, maybe many of you just thinking about the Battery saver located at the notification drawer which usually used by many to save their battery from its fast discharging.

It's just the same with the Battery saver located at Settings - Battery and performance - Battery optimization - (Gear icon at the upper right) - Battery saver

But did you know that there are more available battery saving options you can choose from? And this is what we will discuss on this topic.

My main intention on this topic is to help my fellow RN7 users to push their phone's battery to the limit and even beyond to their first impression with this phone's battery endurance.

I've sorted these options from the least powerful up to the most powerful battery saving option. Please read it fully to know the function of each features.


1. App Battery Saver
2. Adaptive Battery
3. Battery Optimization
4. Mi Security Center Optimization
5. Battery Saver
6. Background Battery Restriction

Let us now discuss it one by one.


App battery saver is only applicable for the third party apps (including Mi Remote, Mi Community, and MIUI Forum app) which have been downloaded from the Google Play Store or other websites. This option will monitor the activities of an app WHEN IT RUNS IN THE BACKGROUND to reduce battery usage. It consists of background settings which is focused on EACH particular app for you to choose apps that you want to save power in the background.

All apps are set to Battery saver (recommended) for the first time by default. But there are total of four background settings in each app:

a.) No restrictions
This option will KEEP THE APP RUNNING in the background once it is opened (manually or by autostart) EVEN WHEN NOT IN USE.
It means it will consume your RAM and battery even when it's in idle status.

It will be also activated automatically when you lock an app in the recents. For example, if the app you will choose to lock is currently in the Battery saver (recommended) option by default, it will be automatically switched to No restrictions option in its background settings once you tap the lock icon. And it will also revert to its original background setting once you unlock the app.

WHERE TO USE: This option is recommended for utility apps that must not be closed by the system such as VPN apps, Battery and CPU Monitoring apps, etc.

b.) Battery Saver (recommended)
It intelligently identify the background apps and activities (such as messaging and navigation apps, media players) to keep important processes going everytime you open an app using this option. By using this feature, it will balance the performance and the battery usage of an app that runs in the foreground together with the apps that are currently active in the background (including active apps in the recents).

WHERE TO USE: It is recommended to all apps by default to balance its performance and battery consumption.

c.) Restrict background apps
It will just RESTRICT SOME FEATURES (but will not totally close) the background apps everytime you run an app using this option. It means the apps in the background (such as social media and messaging apps) will keep on running but it will not just display push notifications as long as the app using this option is currently being used in the foreground. This will also help your phone to save its battery.

WHERE TO USE: It is recommended for games if you don't want to be disturbed while playing. It might also help you to prevent FB Messenger chat heads to pop-up while in game.

d.) Restrict background activity
It will TOTALLY CLOSE all apps running in the background to prioritize battery usage, RAM usage, and performance everytime you open an app using this option.

WHERE TO USE: It is recommended for high graphic games (such as PUBG Mobile) and apps (such as video editing apps) that intensively use RAM and battery while in use.


Android 9 Pie includes a new feature called Adaptive Battery that works alongside the battery life technologies that debuted in previous versions of the platform. The operating system adapts to your usage patterns so that it spends battery only on the apps and services you care about.

KEEP THIS FEATURE SWITCHED ON and you don't have to worry about the bloatware apps installed in your device that you don't use often because this feature will prevent those apps from consuming your battery.


Battery optimization is powered by the Mi Security app that scans the activity of your applications to find some issues that consuming excessive power. After the scanning process, it will prompt you about the issues you can solve manually by tapping the check button at the right side of every option given. You can check or uncheck the given options to add more time to your available battery usage.

Included in the given options is the PREVENT APPS FROM OPENING AUTOMATICALLY. If you leave it checked before tapping the Add x min button, it will disable the autostart feature of your apps (even you have permitted these apps to start in Permissions settings) to reduce your phone's battery consumption. If ever you want these apps remain from starting automatically and you've accidentally tap the add button leaving this option checked, you have to reset the autostart feature of your permitted apps manually via SETTINGS - PERMISSIONS - AUTOSTART then toggle the switches to turn it back on.


This option can be located inside the Mi Security Center app.

This optimize button inside the Mi Security Center app is one of the powerful battery saver in MIUI. Just like the Battery optimization option inside the Battery and performance settings, it will also scan the activities of your apps as well as the system activity in your phone to solve some security and battery issues.

What's good in using this option is the limiting of the chain start-ups, which essentially aims to prevent other related apps from starting up when a particular app has been opened. This feature will also help you increase your phone's battery endurance.

It just have a little drawback if you are using the developer options. Because this optimization option will also disable that feature. But you can always switch it back from the settings manually every after using the Mi Security Center Optimization.


This is what we've talked about on the very first part of this topic. This battery saver option performs the following:

It is usually recommended by the android system when we have only 19% in our battery (or below) to save its power. But many users of the Redmi Note 7 immediately use this feature even after they fully charged their battery because they feel that their phone's battery drains so fast when using it without enabling this battery saver option.

But do you know that there's another way that performs like this to save your battery power even without using this option? Here's how:

Go to Settings - Battery and performance - Battery optimization - (Gear icon at the upper right) then tap the two options inside the red box on this photo.

Just like the Battery Saver option, it will automatically clear cache in your RAM when you lock your device at the certain period of time you've set. This method will save your battery from draining fast when your phone is not in use.

REMINDER: If ever you are a mobile data user and you are downloading something which will take for a while, disable these two features temporarily to prevent the interruption of the download process especially when you lock your phone. Enable again these features right after you finish downloading.


This option is HIDDEN. But this is the second of the most powerful battery saver in Redmi Note 7 because this option will restrict a particular app from using the background battery. It is one of the reason why our battery drains so fast even our phone is in idle status.

But before doing this, assess your apps' power usage first via SETTINGS - BATTERY AND PERFORMANCE - POWER USAGE then find the app that consumes excessive power from your battery.

On the example figure above, Facebook app is the most power consuming app that I have. Its battery consumption is almost 3 times higher than the Android System. And this app really **s in every update and it can consume your battery even when your phone is in idle status and even you have enabled too many battery saving features listed above. (That's why I've uninstalled it and replaced it with FB Lite.) But there's a remaining solution for this if you don't want to uninstall it.

We just have to apply a restriction to this app to prevent it from consuming our battery background.

You can find it via Settings. But you have to use the search bar above it to find this hidden option.

Type USAGE, then tap the Usage Access

Inside this hidden option, find the app that you want to restrict. Then tap it.

After tapping the desired app, go to Battery and performance - Background Restriction, then tap RESTRICT.

Go back to the list of apps. You will see three more system applications related to the Facebook app which also consumes excessive power in the background.

These apps make too much activities in the background and it also update the Facebook app instantly without your permission. That's why some of the users are uninstalling these via adb command in the PC. But YOU CAN DIRECTLY DISABLE these three apps even without using the adb command. Just tap the Facebook App Manager, Facebook Services, and Facebook App Installer respectively. Tap DISABLE on each app, then tap DISABLE APP.

These will be now disabled even without uninstalling it using PC.

You can also restrict more apps that consume your battery in the background like Google Play Services, Google App, Google Chrome, etc.


The last but definitely not the least, this feature is the REAL BEAST in terms of battery saving. Maybe it's not familiar to many. But if you have learned how to use this, you will just realize that your Redmi Note 7 has a very good battery backup and you can EXTEND the hours of its battery usage than what you expect.

Extreme battery saver is the most powerful among the built-in battery saving options available in the newer Xiaomi phones that runs Android Pie (MIUI 10) like Redmi Note 7. This feature performs the following:

It has a very big difference in the well-known battery saver option (feature no.5). Because unlike that option, extreme battery saver STOPS all background activity of an app AFTER YOU LEAVE IT and go back to the home screen even you haven't locked your phone yet. It will not also allow the applications to send you notifications or receive updates.

Here are some more differences of Battery saver and Extreme Battery Saver:

a.) Extreme battery saver automatically reduce your current screen brightness to 50%. For example: if you are currently using 30% of your screen brightness in normal mode, it will be reduced to 15% once you enable the extreme battery saver mode. This event doesn't occur to the battery saver mode.

b.) It will reduce your current Sleep timer to After 15 seconds of inactivity and it will also disable the Wake Lock screen for notifications option.

c.) It will also automatically disable the unnecessary vibration and system sounds from the settings.

d.) If the Battery Saver mode can just disable the GPS and the Sync features of your phone when it is activated, Extreme Battery Saver can disable ALL RADIO features from the notification drawer once you enable it. But you can revert it by tapping any of those options you need to retain.

e.) Extreme battery saver can prolong your standby time than the Battery Saver. Because it stops ALL activities of apps and it will not let any apps run in the background VERY STRICTLY when it is not in use. So if you are getting irritated of your battery because it's draining fast even when it's on standby or idle mode, this option is the best for you.

But unfortunately, extreme battery saver mode is hidden from the phone settings. You have to use third-party app from the Google Play Store to help you find that hidden feature even without using the adb command in the PC.

Here are the few steps to enable it:

i.) Go to Google Play Store and search Activity Launcher. Then install it.

ii.) Open the Activity Launcher. Then at the top, tap the drop-down list button and tap ALL ACTIVITIES. Wait until it finish loading the items.

iii.) Scroll down until you see the BATTERY AND PERFORMANCE tab. (1.) Tap the drop-down list beside this tab then find the SECOND Extreme battery saver option. (2.) Tap and HOLD that option until the sub-option pops up. (3.) Then tap the CREATE SHORTCUT button.

iv.) Go back to your home screen then find the created shortcut of Extreme battery saver from your app drawer. The logo looks like this.

You can now enable it everytime you need it.
BUT make sure that the battery saver in your notification drawer is currently disabled before using it.

This feature will be automatically turned off when the battery is more than 30% charged. But you can re-enable it anytime once you have finished charging.


a.) Extreme battery saver should not be activated with the Battery Saver option (the one in the notification drawer). Make sure to disable it first from your notification drawer before enabling the extreme battery saver.

b.) It is only recommended for light usage such as browsing the internet and social media apps, making calls and texts, and light gaming.

c.) You can enable it also before idling your phone. It will prevent your battery from draining even your phone is not in use.

d.) It is more recommended to use than the Battery saver (feature no.5) in times you have only less than 15% left in your battery but you cannot recharge your phone immediately. This feature can extend your battery up to 8 hours* (within light use including standby time) until your battery will be completely drained (*versus 5 hours max. in Battery saver mode)

e.) DO NOT USE extreme battery saver when you are editing videos, using navigation apps, or playing highly-graphic online games (like PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, etc.) especially when you are using screen recorder while playing. Because it will decrease your usage performance that might result to app malfunction, FPS drops and lags.

I've made battery endurance test comparisons using these different battery savers within light and average use. I've used the total S.O.T. (Screen On Time) as the basis of its endurance in every single charge. Every test have been done in Airplane Mode while connecting to a Wi-Fi network to see the maximum S.O.T. they can reach until the last 10% of its battery.

(DISCLAIMER: I'm just using the Stock ROM (Global Version) and Stock Kernel of MIUI 10 in my own unit. I am not using any custom ROM, custom Kernel, or any custom CPU Governor because I want to make the results more natural.)

Now, see how these battery saving features perform differently.

FIGURE 1: Battery stats of Normal Mode
(using features nos.1-4 and 6 within average use)

Approx. Min. S.O.T. from 100% to 0% = 5 hours
Approx. Max. S.O.T. from 100% to 0% = 15 hours

FIGURE 2: Battery stats of Battery Saver mode
(using feature nos.1-6 within average use)

Approx. Min. S.O.T. from 100% to 0% = 7 hours
Approx. Max. S.O.T. from 100% to 0% = 17 hours

FIGURE 3: Battery stats of Extreme Battery Saver (using feature nos.1-4, 6 and 7 within light use)

Approx. Min. S.O.T. from 100% to 0% = 10 hours
Approx. Max. S.O.T. from 100% to 0% = 19 hours

(*Approximation of minimum S.O.T. is based on heavy to average usage including (but not limited to) playing online games, using navigating apps, browsing web and social media apps via 4G  mobile data network, making calls and texts, playing media files, and using any other apps that use too much processes and radio features; with minimal phone idling.)

(*Approximation of maximum S.O.T. is based on very light usage including basic web and social media app browsing via Wi-Fi network while in airplane mode and playing media files; with minimal to average phone idling.)

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

I hope it will give you another knowledge about the battery performance of your Redmi Note 7. Try these steps by yourself and share me your results. See if it will match the approximated results on each used method.
2019-08-10 02:21:10
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Semi Pro Bunny

jy park | from Redmi 5


this is useful, thanks
2019-08-10 16:48:10

Master Bunny

tZe_vitamin | from Redmi Note 7


I created Extreme battery saver shortcut on home screen, but when I tap on icon ,it open all app that I have installed and have options to chose what to enable for battery save
2019-08-10 16:59:02

Semi Pro Bunny

RODMINote7 Author | from Redmi Note 7


I created Extreme battery saver shortcut on home screen, but when I tap on icon ,it open all app that I have installed and have options to chose what to enable for battery save/quote

You have clicked the wrong one. Delete that shortcut you've made then repeat the process in Activity Launcher. Choose the one which named as:
2019-08-10 17:10:27

Master Bunny

MundaZaiNi | from Redmi 6 Pro


I'll trying dude
2019-08-10 21:23:11

Rookie Bunny

6218301637 | from app


I saw one of ur post on the redmi note 7 Philippines group and i was wondering If i can still stream spotify while using fb lite?
2019-08-11 19:33:55

Semi Pro Bunny

RODMINote7 Author | from Redmi Note 7


I saw one of ur post on the redmi note 7 Philippines group and i was wondering If i can still stream spotify while using fb lite?

In what mode are you talking about? In Normal mode? Battery Saver mode? Or in Extreme Battery Saver mode?
2019-08-11 19:37:50

Rookie Bunny

6218301637 | from mobile


In what mode are you talking about? In Normal mode? Battery Saver mode? Or in Extreme Battery Saver mode?

Extreme battery saver mode sir
2019-08-11 20:24:12

Semi Pro Bunny

RODMINote7 Author | from Redmi Note 7


Extreme battery saver mode sir

Yes if you will lock your Spotify app in your background recent apps (just like on the photo) while using FB Lite. BUT once you lock your screen, there's a possibility that your Spotify will stop working because Extreme Battery Saver will stop all the background apps when the phone is locked to conserve battery.
2019-08-11 20:30:43
Invalid floor, the posts have been deleted #9

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Tomasc1988 | from Redmi Note 7


RODMINote7  in extreme battery save browser often allowed to used background..what do you think ??
2019-08-17 15:31:05
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