Hi. Slightly different, but I think still relevant. I have the Mi Pad 4, but the 8" model and its a great tablet. You are correct in that there is no global rom but the China rom is fine once GApps has been installed. The only thing I don't like about mine is that I haven't found a way to use Google as the search engine in the stock browser. Other browsers such as Firefox and chrome are unaffected. I receive OTA updates with no problem. If you buy, make sure to ask for a sealed box as some vendors sell with what they call a global rom, which, as we know, doesn't exist.

Thanks for confirming, that's useful info. Chrome/Firefox can be made the default web browser anyway anyway. How frequent are updates OTA with Android security patches?
Also just realised it's been a year since the Mi Pad 4/4 Plus were launched. I might wait for the next model with upgraded processor.