Battery drain on MIUI ( PFAEUXM )

@6170947418 your drain is much bigger because of the Android System ,  mine is around 8-10% , in the past it was like Android around 4% .

@Cah Bagos  is not my first update , previously update doesn't affect my battery life .
Why this time new update which brings to the system only goods things if the Change Log was write destroy the battery ?
I stay almost all time on WI-FI and the drain is so much then before , in 5 hours my phone drained 20% on wi-fi and i used it very rare ( not even 30 minutes with Youtube and a little bit of social apps ) .

For me is not good to stay with all apps restricted on background  ( only whatsapp, messenger and gmail are not restricted   ) because my work depends on them.
If i start using Outlook on phone i think my battery will be even worst.

There should be a BUG somewhere bring with the new update , hope will be fixed soon .

Thank you for help