Battery drain on MIUI ( PFAEUXM )

Cah Bagos replied at 2019-07-09 18:53:00
need a week to adapt the new update, just wait and use it a week [ normally ] then check. or:
try this tips:
1. turn off mobile data network when it's not necessary/ when signal is poor [ don't use many apps which requires data network ]

All your Tips are Foobar !.

Such are not needed on other Devices.

Something is really wrong with Miui.
We didnt belived it, because two Mi9se Devices are running very well, but we experienced the Battery-Problem on most other  Mi9/se Devices in the Company. And we pinpointed the Problem to the Software. The Company wont buy these Phones again.They switched to evil Sam..ung(S10 and S10+), but we are allowed to hold the Mi's for Private use.

So Mi (Global/China,i dont care) has to do:
1. (Nice said) : Finally update regulary the Roms (Mi9 and Mi9Se) with the monthly Security Updates from Google (Yes your meant Global Mi Team). China is on 10.3.4 (Mi9se) already.
2. fix all existing bugs like the one mentioned here, instead to bring out new "Features" that NOONE needs.

Update :

So all our employees in the company have decided not to keep the Mi devices. For the sake of the environment, they are now brought to the recycling centre. However, I and one colleague will stay on the devices (I Mi9se, He Mi9) , as we are familiar with the matter (Computer and Embedded Dev and Technican for about 20 Years) and observe the whole thing.
And here Screenshots from my Device : (5-6% over Night in Standby), but only one of two Devices , all others had 15-28%
After-Charge.jpg Batt-9am.jpg

Batt-9am (2).jpg
After-Charge (2).jpg