Honestly with the latest news that Huawei is ditching Android I think it is really about time that Xiaomi did the same. Our MIUI is already basically it's own OS anyway so it should take even less effort for Xiaomi to ditch Android than for Huawei's EMUI to do the same. Once Android and all its glitches and bugs are gone MIUI can really ramp up and push further ahead of the competition than it already has.

Keep in mind even Huawei's EMUI has been copying all our older features but unlike Samsung's ExperienceUI (no wait now it's OneUI) or iOS or even vanilla stock Android Huawei's actually gotten a successful Second Space feature. So these guys are probably the closest to us and EMUI actually did get a head start on us with gestures. It is already guaranteed that the future of smartphone competition will be between Huawei and our Xiaomi so it is really important for Xiaomi to get MIUI away from Android's limitations and push their lead over EMUI as far as possible!