Did someone in xiaomi even test this version?
Try to complete a workout such as a simple run (this should be the main feature of this kind of fitness app, right?): the calories count are completely broken.
The workout is listed twice (as workout and as steps), the calories count are different in all the pages where you can see them (main page, internal status page, workout page).
In the three workout tabs the GPS starts (and the heartbeat tracker on my miband3 too), why?
Why it is kept active when I close the mi fit app and go back to the android launcher?
The feedback page always result in a error message, even if a mail says that xiaomi received it.

The design is flawed and more confusing than before.
The body state does not have a specific tab but it's mixed inside 3 workouts you choosed.
The friends list seems more important (since it has a specific tab).
There are 3 tabs on bottom and 4 subtabs on top (clearly no one read the google material design guidelines)
Swipes do not properly work everywhere (such as under the gps widget)
The synching is based on an icon that resizes and moves around every widgets on screen
The plus icon adds a new device, so why it's in the workout page?
In the "my state" subpage you can change the widgets order that reflects in the order of the outside page.
In the "my workout" subpage (that is the subpage of the first unnamed widget of the "my state" subtab of the "workout" tab) you can not set a customized order.
The step day series widget is on the main page and can't be moved or hidden.
Why clicking on the first widget on the main page brings you to another page where the selected tab is the second and not the first one?
Why "my state" subpage shows widgets about devices that I do not have (new xiaomi scales and shoes)? Since I do not have them, what are they useful for?
Why wasting precious phone and miband battery to show current heartbeat and GPS position when clicking on walk/run/cycle tabs? I may not need to start one: maybe I just want to see the history.
Why the heartbeat there does not turn off if I close the app or chose the first subtab (my state)?
Why if I click on the top of a walk workout, why I see a list of workouts that includes runs and cycles?
Why there is still a less-important activity list (since it seems you are trying to hide that) in "my profile" "activity types"?