Hello all xiaomi and miui fans and even to "miui team" ; if they are here and checking what customers think.
I will adress them the "miui team" responsible for this situation.

Reasons are obvious;
Why we select mi phones ; Reliable, durable, bloatware free, not over expensive (careful, im not saying cheap),user friendly, customizable (first reason to choosing android). Im not regular user, im selling this device in our province and adviced this brand on my affiliates and customers. Many people. I was in it for 4 years. Now what happened.

This happened;
*My customer brought Mi 8 lite 2 weeks ago , and called me back and said :
Cs - "Ad spamming stock miui applications are frustrating, how can we disable them ?"  
Me- "Disable recomendations"
Cs- "Already did it but still jumping me every opening music player video player etc. We given money this device, this is not gift or charity to have right to Ad Spamming us"

Mi 8 SE
Customer was using miui developer CN rom Android 9.0. and not satisfied and tryed to go back Android 8.0 based stable rom, and "bam!" tripped antirollback protection phone is garbage now. (Some technicals tryed to revive the phone but they dont have a EDL authorization. Xiaomi provided some "privileged" peoples EDL authorization accounts . Those peoples are wanting extra large amounts of money to Revive-Unbrick Dead EDL mode devices. They left us two choices ; throw garbage bricked devices or give them whatever they want to revive phones.

Xiaomi can totally block attempting to rollback if its dangerous,
Other brands (Like Z.UK) blocking really dangerous attempts.

Why are you spamming us with ads ?
Why are you setting traps to user for blocking androids freedom?
Why are you Priveleged right handful of ordinary-average people.(not special xiaomi personnel or extra tallented programmer)

Whatever, lets cut the chase; Xiaomi has no special place in my showcase anymore. Just a phone: