Some time ago  from were emigrated to Mi Community. Before migration to the Mi Community, I had something around 1100-1250 points. After migration, I have not all 45 thousand of them. How are the points migrated?
I have been on forum since 2015 and earned at this time: credits - 29038, Experience - 21636, Prestige 286. I have the highest rank Supreme Member, Threads 169, Replies 6577 and Checking - 781 days in all, 221 days in row , Level -LV9

29038 + 21636 + 286 = 50960 points + 1200 points from Mi Community before migrate = 52160
And now I have only less than 45 thousand and not the highest rank. Where's the rest of the points?

I have not emigrated my topics and posts from, check-in.
Check-ins in the Mi Community application are also inoperable, despite clicking, I do not count the check-in many times, and notifications about check-in despite the selection in the options do not come.