There are a lot of "bad users" it seems , and the number keeps rising ... I have a hard bricked Redmi 8 , now use a Mi A3 , before those two - Mi A2 (all of them NEW BOUGHT from legal dealers) , before that Redmi Note 4 (second hand) , and the reason for all of those new ones (bought in a period less than 2 years) , is the freedom that Xiaomi gave with testing custom made software on their hardware configs . This edl locking security measure , is forcing me to "throw away" a second new phone now , even tho i have my own fault for not being patient enoufh , to wait for other people to make this mistake , and then rethink if it even is worth the risk of trying to get , to use the thing that made Xiaomi my favorite manufacturer . My opinion - best way to put it is - if i get annoyed enough to throw away my Redmi 8 cause of new in EDL "security method" , ill sell my current phone (Mi A3) , and ill turn awayin a different direction every time I see ir hear of the brand . I know my own faults , but it will be just too much of a cost (in time and money) for me , and anyone with common sense .