I value my privacy too. But I also want the feature load. That's why I'm on WeChat. While WeChat is under the command of China's government that only extends to the content being uploaded to the public. Private conversations are protected under end-to-end encryption much like WhatsApp claims to be. But unlike these other messaging apps WeChat also has the most robust set of features. Just in the chat itself it has Stickers and now Live Stickers which you can record and add AR scenes and dress to make unique to yourself, video chat with up to 8 in a group, free voice calling and group voice call and special event messages which will rain confetti as soon as the message is read.

Then of course WeChat isn't just a messaging program like all the rest. It is an everything app so you can blog (this can get censored since it gets sent to the public) check out the news, play games, use apps without downloading them thanks to Mini Programs (the successful version of what Google was trying to do) and of course in China you can do even more like access WeChat Pay one of the two biggest mobile payment services in the world.