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[Bugs] Echo on voice calls on Last Roms Stable 10.3.4 -Beta Stable 10.3.5 - Beta 9.6.27 - NOT SOLVED

2019-04-10 18:17:52
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Pocophone F1 Miui Stable 10.3.4 - Beta 9.3.28 - Beta 9.4.12 And Echo Come Back to Beta 9.5.9

Echo during voice calls bug is on Miui 10.3.4 and on Beta  9.3.28, Beta 9.4.12 And in Beta 9.5.9 and general from when we change to PIE from Oreo, is BIG problem because is like we not have phone because we can not make calls when they listen theyr voice double. it was reported to old forum and still not major fix about that.

Following of how the bug works: In every normal call , Skype call, Viber Call or Whatsapp Call, Generally all calls is used the second Mic Cancelation and we have that Bug in the start of the Calls. One time for 1-2 sec and other times for 5 sec even for 10-15 sec depending of the noices near us. It happens ONLY if we make / receive a call and the room we answer the current call in is totally QUIET. Then as a result the other person on the other side of the line listen his/her voice. BUT if the room we are calling from has noices, Music , Or outside of room in street with cars, Then The 2 mic is Working PERFECT. And that is happening only in LAST roms.. Beta and Stable. It needs a Refix the 2 Mic to the older Roms 10.2 because it was working perfectly... And with noices in the background aswell as with silence covering the room.

The most NEED update is to have Phone for Phone calls... and right now we can not Have it.

With Merge forum it was not come the first topic from old forum:

PS: Bug is totaly fixed ONLY on Beta 9.4.18 - Beta 9.4.26 - Beta 9.6.13

Pls Fix that issue fast because is the most important to have phone and not just one tablet. Because that bug is make the phone NOT phone

Beta 9.4.25 Echo Issue make the Come Back: Tested on Max3 and is more worst from before, BUT:
on normal call is exist 0 bug totally clear and no Echo issue, BUT everywhere else you use the 2 mic (cancelaton) like skype / viber / whatsapp / etc etc ... the echo is from begine and NEVER stop (before with the previous Roms the echo it was exist and on normal calls and everywhere and stop after 1-5)

Beta 9.4.26: Echo issue is not exist and is normaly :) 1 issue on sleep mode when you recive calls you lose cellular network for 1-2sec


Beta 9.5.9 Echo issue COME BACK... We have same issue again dev make their Magic and they broke our phones.... Gz to them.... unbelievable Roms... The have Keep The Stable Rom to make Phones NOT PHONE at all. and they was fix echo issue on 9.4.18 and 9.42.6 they was broke it on 9.4.25 and now is totaly again broked on 9.5.9

Beta 9.5.17 Issue IS EXIST still Echo Back.... Same issue like the 9.5.9, Dev make joke with us......

Beta 9.5.30 Issue is Fixed ONLY in Sim Calls, EVERYWHERE else (Whatsapp / Viber / Skype / Etc etc..) is use the 2 microphone cancellation is not working at all, same issue with echo and more worst DONT UPGRADE IT.........

Beta 9.6.13 Good and Perfect News: Echo Issue EVERYWHERE is FIXED the phone is working like phone again Gz to Alvin he push the Dev for fix it :)

Beta 9.6.20 Dev Make Joke to US.... Echo ISSUE IS BACK DONT UPGRADE.........

Last Beta 9.6.27 Dev they leave for Vecation?, Echo issue is Full Back and Grow (issue is exist From 1 Update of Android Pie and still here... after 6+ Months with 0 fix :)

Global Beta Stable 10.3.5 Echo Issue on Normal Calls is Half Fixed, on normal Calls is Fixed everywhere else and on VoIP calls like Skype , Whatsapp, Viber, etc etc... is not FIXED echo is exist in every call in the start for 1-5 sec

So For now My Personal Opinion is: Downgrade to Beta 9.4.26 is work perfect and 0 issue in echo or to the Beta 9.4.18 with 0 echo issue totally and 50% more fast speed of poco at least i have test it, from the last Beta - Global 10.3.5 they have release...
And when dev they will make their Work correct we can upgade to next and test it but for now Beta 9.6.20 and Stable Beta 10.3.5 is very bad and make your phone very slow and echo issue exist ... Tested on second poco f1,  mi 8 , mimax3 Same resault...

Echo issue Is NOT Solved



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2019-04-10 18:17:52
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Yes please, this issue has to be addressed ASAP!!! I'm unable to send/receive calls except by using the speaker and that's really annoying.
Looks like a MIUI bug, reported on different Xiaomi models and not only on POCO F1.

2019-04-10 22:44:39

Pro Bunny

Alamos Author |


Fr3dY replied at 2019-04-10 17:44:39
Yes please, this issue has to be addressed ASAP!!! I'm unable to send/receive calls except by using  ...

Yes is all the phone with Miui Stable have it even on Dev Rom they have it but before with and more old 10.2.2 they have not.

PS: We can not use our phone personal me i just remove my sim card andput it in other brand phone for i can talk .... because they only way to speak now in phone with xiaomi phones is wth headset or with open speakers. normal calls you can not not even viber / whatsapp. need ajdust the mic cancelaton that is the problem.

is exist solution to disable it with root device but i am not want to root my divice and disable the secont mic.
2019-04-10 23:23:34
I'm suffering the same problem with my Mix 2s since I bought it. I've been looking and searching for a while but no solution has been found. I already submitted a bug report to Xiaomi but no response has been received.
This is really annoying since my job required a lot of communication with clients.
Hope the administrators can see this thread and provide an ultimate solution.

2019-04-11 11:22:39

Pro Bunny

Alamos Author |


1892844783 replied at 2019-04-11 06:22:39
I'm suffering the same problem with my Mix 2s since I bought it. I've been looking and searching for ...

yes i was find me to some bug report about that from when we go to pie update, ppl they was report it and 0 respawn and fix about that. they fix camera 4k 60fps and other thinks like netflix thinks they are use the 20% maybe less ppl they have Poco, but not the MOST needed to fix to make the phone to be PHONE again and not just a tablet because right now they have make the phone to be tablets and not PHONE. PLS FIX and RELEASE fast one update wth correct adjustment of the upper microphone cancelation or something and if you can not fix it add one option for the simple user to can  simple disable the second mic at least for now for we can work normaly with PHONE calls

2 Months+ Bug: 0 fix about it from Xiaomi Poco Dev.....

Fix With Root Devices: is not the solution to root you device.... the solution is dev fix the problem....

PS: is very bad for Dev, other ppl and forums to have fix it even with root devices and the ppl we are still support that section for not have release one fix for one so much major problem 2+ months now.
2019-04-11 11:36:14

Pro Bunny

Alamos Author |


PS: I have Change to Beta 9.3.28 and issue with the upper mic on every Calls "and on viber / whatsapp and general everywhere used the upper mic on calls" is still exist....
2019-04-11 14:24:16
Hi, same on Mi Mix 2s, I can't belive it! The main use of a phone is for making calls....PLEASE FIX IT

Thanks in advance.
2019-04-12 04:25:55

Pro Bunny

Alamos Author | from app


It need adjustment with correct sensitive because now is totally wronk,  if you speak for some seconds the echo dissappear so is not correct adjastment the 2 upper mic. Specify when you are outside with general notice it not have echo from the start but when you are in room with totally silence then the second microphone Is delay very much to make the correct cancellation and stop the echo on calls and general everywhere is used viber calls whatsapp and Skype and etc everything is used. Is good the updates we take for video 4k and everything but compered with that bug is totally nothing. What the reason to have one phone if you can not use it like phone and only with headset or Bluetooth or open speakers totally no sense so much months and not have fixed permaned that issue. Like u say same issue it was on very old miui releases and they was fix it arrount to 8 if remember correct and now with pie we have it again....  Really frond of that problem. Not think people the want net clix HD or 60fps video record and to not make c and receive calls.

I hope developers will leave not big sense issue and start to fix that before everything else.

Sorry for my words If I am in a bit attacking mode but image we have pay and we support one phone for ejoyit and like it not for the secondary thinks is give and for can not make calls at all.

Ty and sorry again for my words, I hope that issue will be fixed soon  so we will use the phone again because personal me I am not use it any more for main device but more like tablet :p and that is very bad...
2019-04-12 06:19:38
please fix echo call !!!!!
2019-04-12 14:31:54

Pro Bunny

Alamos Author |


Just Confirmed Today my friend buy one new Poco F1 and we test the Echo when it was appear.
From 8.1 Oreo and Up to Miui Stable The Echo i on calls / viber / whatsapp etc it was 0 totaly perfect, After that version from 10.2.3 Echo Was Appear on Calls / Viber / Whatsapp and etc etc.... and on 10.3.4 Echo was terrible more in start of the calls and general where it was use the secont microfone "cancellation" viber / whatsapp / skype / etc etc..

PLS Do something Asap with that, i hope i help you with my test we was manage to find exactly from what version appear the bug and where we was not that  bug.

Ty For your Support

PS: Ofcourse now i am using the Beta 9.3.28 and like i have say is exist the bug and on beta :P "i m just say it for not fix it only for stable and leave the bug to beta :PPP"
2019-04-12 21:15:16

Pro Bunny

Alamos Author |


Any news something about that huge bug?
2019-04-14 08:10:52
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