It's still only been a couple of months, and I've been too busy to really get to know Mi Max 3.

I really needed a large display because I'm somewhat visually impaired.  Basically my phone is not much more than an MP3 and YouTube player, and most of my communication is by texting rather than calls.  I really didn't need high end specs.  Camera is definitely good enough for my daily snap shot of food & pets.  I'm quite happy, and although I missed all good sales, the price was still unbeatable!

Still struggling to have one app give me a notification.  All permissions are granted, but it gives no notification.

An extra large battery is a big plus for streaming YouTube pretty much all day.

Still looking for a clock app for the lock screen.

So far I believe Mi Max 3 has exceeded my expectation.  My husband, an iPhone lover who doesn't want a large phone, has decided for Xiaomi for his next phone.