1843691059 replied at 2020-05-02 19:54:50
I relocked the bootloader according to your process in my Redmi Note 5 AI. But after giving the command it says "The system has been destroyed". how can I fix it? I can only access fastboot mode. I didn't have installed any custom rom or twrp in my phone. Now how can I access to my phone?

Hi! In my personal experience, that happened when I tried to lock the bootloader on a custom rom. You automatically destroy the system image when you try to lock the bootloader on a non-stock ROM. So probably you had one of those at the moment.

For the future bootloader lockings, I suggest you to do a more simple procedure : just connect the phone in fastboot mode with a stock rom and open bootloader, open the CMD Windows Console, find the directory where you installed Fastboot, and give the console the command line : "fastboot oem lock". Easy as that.