Hi Mi Fans!
Improvisation to the next level is what Mi always believes. There are many reasons why Mi Remote control is worth, the foremost thing is its multiple features that makes it more flexible to use. With the new handy update, the Mi Remote User Interface looks pretty much fresh and well designed for us to meet our day to day requirements.

What's new in new Mi Remote Update?
The new Redesigned UI as comparing with older version looks pretty much user friendly which will be of course an ease for the new users to use it conveniently.

Redesigned IR Remote
The new IR Remote page looks pretty sleek and fresh as compare to previous version. We have added one Scanner option which can be handy, also the icons seems pretty cool.

New Settings
We have included new Settings for more flexibility where it includes Edit , Delete, Pin on the Start page, Share, Pair again.

  • Edit
You can edit your Device name easily with this option.
  • Delete
You can delete your Remote anytime with this option.
  • Share
Share your Remote with QR code to use the Remote.
  • Pin on the Start Page
You can pin your preferred Remote in the Start Page with this option.
Redesigned Remote Control
The new Remote Control page with the older version seems pretty handy and convenient. Its new features is not less than a physical Remote control that we use.

The new Account page UI looks pretty cool and sophisticated.

Added new Menu buttons
For users convenience the new Mi Remote app has added new buttons Namely Mi Remote , Live TV and Account where we can now easily switch to our required feature easily.

So ,What are your views on this new Redesigned Mi Remote? Comment below!!
Thread credit goes to lungkhim7