Yesterday's heavy downpour was a surprised. In a span of minutes water on (most) roads began to rise. I left our office (in Quezon City) right after the first wave of heavy rains, I called it the first wave because it did have second and third downpour as I know it.

Traffic jam along Mindanao Avenue last night

Mindanao Ave
I decided to walk from office to a mall where I regularly rode a UV Express on my way home. Then as I was nearing the mall, the 2nd wave of heavy rains came and was enough reason for me to stop at the nearest store.

Still a sight of traffic jam
After more than 5 minutes the rain slightly subsided and I continue to walk until I reached an overpass where I took time to take some photos.

Traffic jam going North Avenue

A sight of Mindanao Avenue both sides now are jammed
I felt some relief when I arrived at the mall. I rest for some time before I went inside as I am a bit sweaty due to walking for almost an hour.

A sigh of relief when I reached this spot
I stayed inside the mall and took some time to visit some shops, of course I wouldn’t forget to visit the official Mi Store which doesn’t have much people as my last visit (maybe because of the incremental condition of the weather).

Mi Official Store
I stayed for more than 2 hours inside the mall hoping that the weather will subside as time goes by. I heard some people whom I bumped into along the hallways saying that it is still raining outside (sigh!). I felt a bit of tiredness and got hungry so I ate some while waiting for hubby.

Yum! Yum!
I met with husband at the other side of the mall and decided to have our dinner since there are still long lines along the terminal of UV Express. We finished our dinner at 10pm that time we waited at the lines for about 20minutes it doesn’t took us that long because of the constant arrival of UV Express.

Lines..  it's already 10pm

We arrived home at exactly 11:30pm. A 5 ½ hours of the usual 2 hours travel from office to home. I’m pretty sure that most commuters last night experienced what we had (or some might have been worst..). Even with all the mishaps, we are still Thankful to God for keeping us safe all throughout this trip.
I got another record on my Mi Band 2 last night.. lol!

I had these record last February when I was busy processing the papers for my late father...
How about you? What’s your experience on yesterday’s heavy rains? Feel free to comment down.Thank you for dropping by!