guess how much does it cost to get mix 2s in singapore

memojazz288735899 replied at 2018-06-20 06:46:22
IDA want this, IDA want that
........ some more SG using a bit different  freq for 4G then China. ...

Nothing to do with IMDA this time round. Mi MIX 2S certified by them and in their database for months already. It's Mi SG slow in launch of this phone and only 6/64 available at launch. Don't hold your breath for 128/256 versions. Street shops are selling at ~$748 for official local set 6/64. You can estimate the rough RRP of the phone since street shops normally sell phones at lower prices.

Recent Mi series phones have a lot more LTE bands supported, so what China sells is what we will get in the end (same model number).